Images of the Coast to Coast road trip

Coast to Coast from New York to San Francisco

In mid-September 2018 I landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport near New York City to begin my longest road trip ever, both in terms of time and distance. It was to be a journey from coast to coast across the United States of America.

Over the following three weeks or so I drove from East to West and saw some awesome sights. There were also some superb scenery along the way but I also went through some wilderness’ where there was not much to see. My journey finished as usual back on the West Coast for another 49ers game. I had the usual ‘challenges’ to overcome, met some great people, and some idiots, but had a great time overall. A good job really when driving over 4400 miles…

Why do this particular trip? Well, why not? Was it a bit mad? Probably, but it was great fun – generally… It encompassed seeing and visiting some American icons on the way. This, as per previous trips, included places I’d always wanted to visit. And other places that I didn’t know about beforehand but when plotting out the route I’d take, I discovered them. After some research, if they looked “interesting” (or at least hoped they’d be), I added them to the itinerary.

The trip was clearly going to be a big ask in terms of miles needing to be driven in the time I gave myself. I recognised during planning that there were going to be days in the Mid-West where probably not a lot would happen apart from the day’s driving. I figured these days would be a case of just ‘Keep Heading West’, and to grin and bear it. Overall though I managed to plan for an ‘event’, activity or point of interest on the majority of days. Then it was a case of “just go for it”, which I did. This is the story of my journey.

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