Images of the Coast to Coast road trip

Coast to Coast from New York to San Francisco

In mid-September 2018 I landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport near New York City to begin my longest road trip ever, both in terms of time and distance. It was to be a journey coast to coast across the United States of America.

Over the following three weeks or so I drove across America from East to West and saw some awesome sights, plus went through some wilderness where not much happened, and ended up back on the West Coast for another 49ers game. I had the usual ‘challenges’ to overcome, met some great people, and some idiots, but had a great time overall: par for the course I guess when driving over 4400 miles…

Why do this particular trip? Well, why not? Was it a bit mad? Probably, but it was great fun – generally… It encompassed seeing and visiting some American icons on the way that, as per previous trips, included places I’d always wanted to visit. And other places that I didn’t know about beforehand but when plotting out the route I’d take, I discovered them, did some research and added them to the itinerary if they looked “interesting”. Or at least I hoped they would be.

The trip was clearly a big ask in terms of miles needing to be driven in the time I gave myself. I recognised during planning that there were going to be days in the Mid-West where probably not a lot would happen apart from the driving, and it was a case of just ‘Keep Heading West’ and to grin and bear it on such days. But overall I managed to have an ‘event’ or destination on the majority of days, so I figured: go for it. And I did, and this is the story of my journey.

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