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Travelling the Blues Highway from New Orleans to Chicago

One bright and sunny morning in early October 2013, I drove out of New Orleans on I-10 West towards Baton Rouge. Travelling across the mangrove swamps, I was starting a road trip up Highway 61 North to find out about the Blues and other music associated with the famous highway. I wanted to explore its history, see the places where it was played and hopefully to hear some live music along the way. And to find out and see what else this famous road had to offer.

“There’s a spirit that goes all the way up Highway 61 and on into Chicago… there’s a magic, there’s a feel.”

I came off Highway 61 at St Louis and took a detour for both music and non-music activities before ending up in the Windy City of Chicago. Where it was very windy (and very, very cold)…

Travelling the Blues Highway, and more, from New Orleans to Chicago – this is the story of my journey.

* Quote from The Blues Highway: New Orleans to Chicago, a travel and music guidebook by Richard Knight, Trailblazer Publications

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