Ohio, Nashville & Texas road trip

The Cross Country Expedition

It’s October 2017 and I’m back in the USA for what will be my longest road trip so far, both in terms of miles travelled and length of vacation. Three weeks this time… but Ohio, Nashville and Texas sounds a bit weird, huh? Well, I made a list of all the places I wanted to visit this time and plotted how to combine them all on one trip. It turned out most of the places were reasonably centrally located and I could do them all in one trip. My Route 66 trip will have to wait for another year…

And those three places in the page title were the start, middle and end points, and I can’t think of a better summary phrase for the trip so far. Although Texas wasn’t the real end point because from there I went to San Jose to watch the 49ers again. I wasn’t driving to California, I flew there as it’s over 1700 miles by car, making this year a real cross-country journey.

As for the places I visited, it was a real mixture of music, culture and plain old sightseeing. There were Scenic Byways, lots of museums, music studios, Halls of Fame, Distilleries – and a Library. And loads & loads of great music.

It took me a while again to create all the pages and load up the photos, but it’s all done now. Hope you enjoy.

Muscle Shoals Studio sign

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